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The first maritime satellite antenna in Ka-band, for a high speed internet connection at sea. Avanti approved!

85 919 руб.

Rolled out by EPAK in 2013, the DSi9 Ka has been the first available maritime VSAT antenna system operating in Ka-band: a revolutionary step for EPAK, that first among its competitors has understood the benefits and the new possible applications of the Ka-band.

With all its unique features specifically designed for it, the VSAT antenna DSi9 Ka represents the perfect solution to your needs of a stable and top-performing internet connection at sea, guaranteeing you and your guests a high speed internet connection at sea.

Ka-Band satellite current footprint

Already operating on several ships in the Mediterranean Sea, the DSi9 Ka can reachspeeds up to 10 Mbit/s in download and 4 Mbit/s in upload, thanks to the incredible performances of the Ka-band; moreover, being based on a beamless service onEutelsat 9°east with its 82 spots, this marine satellite antenna can assure a full coverage in the whole Europe and the Middle East.

Finally, the solid, rugged and robust design of the satellite antenna is made to meet the hardest requirements in harsh seas. Completed with fine-tuned components and the perfect interaction between each single part of the marine satellite antenna, the DSi9 Ka guarantees excellent network availabilities even under the most challenging conditions and, because of the Ka-band, an Internet connection speed never seen before.


Dimensions & Weight
Radome (D × H) 111 × 114 cm (43.9" × 44.9")
Weight (incl. Radome) 65 kg (143.3 lbs)
Shipping Dimensions
Box type Wooden box
With accessories 126 × 126 × 170 cm - 245 kg (49.57" × 49.57" × 66.93" - 539 lbs)
Without accessories 126 × 126 × 137 cm - 180 kg (49.57" × 49.57" × 54.02" - 396 lbs)
Reflector & Feed Subsystem
Reflector diameter 90 cm (35.43")
LNB Skyware 3W transceiver (LOF 18.25 GHz)
BUC Skyware 3W transceiver (LOF 28.55 GHz)
Available BUC power 3 Watt
RX Frequency 19.2 - 20.2 GHz
TX Frequency 29.5 - 30.0 GHz
RX/TX polarisation RHCP/ LHCP
Drive Subsystem
Tracking sensor Eletronic Beamforming (EBF-Gyro) for tracking during present sat signal / Solid State Sensor for tracking during blocked sat signal
Maximum tracking speed up to 30° /s (each axis)
Azimuth movement unlimited
Elevation movement -10° to 90°
Skew movement Automated +/- 120° from zero point
Motion system 2-axes servo belt
Power Specification
Power supply 24 VDC via Antenna Control Unit (ACU)
Power Consumption 20-40 VA (only ODU), BUC excluded
Approval Avanti type approval; standard type approval; CE & EPAK type approval
Lock on time typ. 60 sec.
Satellite acquisition Completely automated by DVB-S2-Receiver and Modem confirmation
Operation temperature -20°C to 55°C
Storage temperature -30°C to 85°C
Antenna Control Unit
Dimensions 48 cm x 9 cm x 37,4 cm (19“ - 2RU)
Power supply 220 VAC - 50 Hz
Power consumption 100 VA
Operating temperature -20° to 55°C
Storage temperature -30° to 85°C
Тип антенны Приемо-передающая
Диаметр зеркала, см 90
Габариты (В х Д х Ш) 111х114(см)
Вес (кг) 65
Напряжение, В 220